Monday, December 30, 2013

Cirque des Cercles Finished!

Finally after 9 months I have finished this wonderful piece!  6 whole pages worth!  I think it turned out lovely.  You can buy this pattern from Ink circles She has so many beautiful designs.


I made this doily for my good friends Mother.  I found this natural colored thread with a bit of sparkle to it from Daiso of all places.

Pin Keep

This was crossed stitched on a cream linen.
With a pocket and some sweet little charms I found at the local Chinese market.  Some thread rings.  It was a little kit my friend Janita put together for us girls at our local stitch and bitch.

Crocheted Bells

I made these for Christmas presents for my friends.
 They were stiffened with a sugar water.  My mom used to make these when I was young so I wanted to do something to remember her.  Lovely aren't they?