Sunday, August 17, 2014

Peacocks Filet Crochet - Progress, Halfway.

Here is my progress so far. I still can't get a close up as it's so big.  I have hit the half way point about 42 rows.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pecocks Progress- 2nd week, Filet Crochet

Have just finished 29 rows. its now about 5 inches deep.  I have just started to do the lacets or the netting in the middle.  This is a new technique for me so I was very happy to learn.

  Here is a close up of the lacets.

This picture will give you a general idea as to how far I actually am. About a quarter now.  As I mentioned in the beginning of this endeavor that its worked from the top down.

Peacocks Progress- Filet Crochet

This piece is so large I had to lay it out on my bed!  The length is like 36 inches.

Here is a closer view of just half of it.  Its really A BigAssedProject!  Reminds me of a cross stitich group I belonged to by that name. lol

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Peacocks - Filet Crochet

I am starting this large doily for my younger sister Stacia, made with thread my mother gathered for me before she passed away earlier this year.  I will eventually make one of each of my three sisters choosing

This is the free pattern from the Antique Pattern Library.  which must be started upside down at the bottom right corner where you see the little red X.  If you decide to make it please send me your pictures.

Some Small Crochet Doilies

Embroidered and Beaded Ornaments

Felt pear ornaments.

Felt stars.

A Cotton Crocheted Baby Blanket.

Its 100% cotton and so soft, yet has a nice weight to it.

It is called the Hounds tooth stitch.

A Knit Afghan

Knit for the family.  Its lovely light weight and soft.

Finished Bobbin Lace

Teaching Myself Bobbin Lace.

First Lesson

A bit rough but it's coming right along.

Its very relaxing and has a nice rythem to it/