Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blue Birds!

Good Morning!
This little lovely was hand stitched and bead by hand.  It is backed with felt, stitched and beaded.  Then backed with a second piece of felt to cover all work on the back side.  My influence for this bird came from Dot's blog.  You can find her blog in my "blogs worth watching" list.  She makes beautiful felted and beaded birds and sells them on ETSY.  My version is slightly different.


  1. Thanks, This is Becky's waiting in her mountain home for her to return from the beach.

  2. It's so beautiful and I'm amazed at your patience at working with something that has great detail and small pieces. I hate that stuff. I think you and Stacia inherited all the little stuff patience! Nice work!

  3. Oh thanks that's a nice thing to hear. I must be doing something right! I really think I have found my "thing" now. If weren't for Stacia loaning me her beads while mom was in hospital I wouldn't have known I love it so much. XO