Monday, March 28, 2011

March Bead Journal Project

Here is my contribution for March.  Again I embroidered leaves and stems.  Added felt hearts and colored beads for the flowers and then an overall beading in green.
Any ideas on how I can finish these 4x4 squares?
Thanks for looking, Analisa

sorry about the horrible images my camera is crap! lol


  1. That is sooo lovely, even with the bad camera ;-) How to finish them: Stitch up a 14 page fabric book and mount them inside, use them in a 3x4 quilt, sort them into color groups at the end of the year and mount them only painted stretched canvases.

  2. BEAUTIFUL! Your getting so good at beading. I think you should frame them as your art for 2011 and hang them. I also love the book Idea, maybe journal a little bit underneath each months project and talk about what you were feeling or learning that month. It would a great thing to hand down to your daughter. Can you imagine how great it would be if our Mother gave us something like that?

  3. i love it, make a picture whit my camera next time. hahaha

  4. It's like a miniature garden, inviting you to wander about the paths created between the beading...really liking this, it just grabbed my imagination!