Thursday, December 29, 2011

4 Little Lovelies

This is called Flowers of Olde
It can be found at www.withmyneedle.com

This is called Eliza's Pyn Pillow
It can also be found at www.withmyneedle.com

This one is called Four Fat Friends
It can be found at The Drawn Thread http://www.drawnthread.com/freecharts.html

This i a blue tiles from Tante Zolder

So what do you think?  Does it inspire you to stitch?  Analisa xx


  1. Love it! My favorite is the last one in blue. Enjoy!

  2. They are beautiful and you have such patience, but, no, they didn't inspire me! lol Enjoy!

  3. oooh I love the blue tiles! So pretty. I'll send pictures of whatever I find so you'll see, then if you don't want something I can keep it and send with Tom what you want...how's that?

  4. Beautiful Analisa. Do you know what Tante Zolder means, it is Dutch. Tante means Aunt, and zolder means loft. See you and have a very good new year. Look from the roof off your house tomorrow, we can see the firework on the Burj Al Arab at 12.00