Sunday, August 14, 2011

I have been working on a few little gift items and will be turning these into some lavender sachets.  I will be making 3 different other ones as well and will post those when they are done.  I will also post the finished products when those develop as well.

These can be found on this wonderful site!


  1. I know I work with tiny seed beads and delica's (15's) but I can't imagine sewing these tiny stitches!! Nice workmanship!!

  2. Those are Beautiful!

  3. Email me and I'll let you know about the humbug bags! RobbiesPawPrints at aol dot com

  4. How did I miss your blog before? I love your most recent pieces for BJP, and especially love the way you use beads to creat flowers! How did you attach the center piece on August???
    I did much cross stitching when I was younger (and had better eyes ;). Your pieces are nostalgic and lovely!

  5. Oh thank you all so much!
    Barbara, the center is a button actually. So since there were so many layers of felt by that point I cut a little section out so the button would lay flatter and sewed it in.