Monday, September 12, 2011

I don't know why I have been doing so many cross stitches lately?  But I have finished quite a few!  Here is a little 9.5"X7.5" Quaker from Gazette94 website.  I have stitched it on Cream linen with Madeira silk #091310
I have stitched it for a friend as a gift.  I hope she likes it!

Here are her initials I added as a little finishing touch!

Here is another biscoru I have been working on.  I just love the black work that is incorporated in this design.
I found this on Gazatte94's picasa web album as a free design.  I love, love, love her designs, just in case it wasn't obvious! haha 

Have a Great Day!


  1. Love these!!!! B C is a lucky friend :-)

  2. Yes I love it so...I'm so stupid, I did not notice my initials until I read this post! I am having it framed, it is such a loving thoughtful gift and only could've been made by a loving thoughtful friend. She also made three small sachets for me, I love them too, I haven't looked at the entire blog yet to see if she posted those too.
    One day I will surprise her with a special gift, the kind you make...I'm one of those folks who love a handmade gift the very best. Thank you my sweet friend for lovingly making this for me.
    I love you....BC

  3. It is beautiful, you make some one very happy. xxx see you

  4. I thought your friend would be delighted with the gift and I see she was.